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Artwork Testimonials

" perfect and detailed it is!"

"Lisa opened the portrait of Luther..."

"...such a special service with your artwork for our beloved furry family members"





"Cats Blossom and Birtha..."

Rebecca - I just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment your portrait of my kitties brings me!  You have a wonderful talent, and I hope it brings you success. Each time I walk past the picture, I smile at it because your work is so true to my cats. Thank you for doing the portrait.   ~ C.S. Bloomfield, NY

"It looks just like her!"

Rebecca did a perfect picture of Purr - which hangs for now over my computer.  I end up talking to it every day.  It looks just like her!  I am missing her so much.  Dr Andy made a special funeral for Purr and it was a lovely ending for her.   ~ Canandaigua customer


"...exactly as I remember him!"

Reggie was such a great horse with personality.  Rebecca, I don't know how you did it, but you captured his look and expression exactly as I remember him!  I keep his portrait above my desk so I can look at him throughout the day. The portrait seems to bring Reggie to life!  -  and that makes me smile. I really miss my horse and best friend, and think about him daily. I will treasure this portrait forever. You have an awesome talent, and I can't thank you enough.  ~ a very happy customer, J.B.

"The portrait is the EXACT likeness of Beaney..."

My cat Beaney was the perfect cat. Although her life was short, her memory is so very much alive  - thanks to Rebecca from the The Fine Line art studio!  The portrait is the EXACT likeness of Beaney. I seemed that I could just touch the picture and feel her. It is so very important to have all those fine details of your pet because YOU know them best and for an artist to capture that the way Rebecca did is just a gift from God.  She was also so very easy to work with and her pricing is very reasonable.  I have since commissioned Rebecca to paint several BEAUTIFUL murals in my yoga studio! The compliments are endless!!!
~ A forever customer, Sandy Hicks, Grounded By Yoga


"The perfect gift..."

When my parents were getting ready to move out of the home that they had lived in for over 60 years - I decided to have a colored pencil portrait done of the house.  Rebecca did a beautiful job of capturing the character and uniqueness of this family farmhouse with all the trees and landscaping and decorations on the front porch.  The way she drew the detail - made it  come alive, almost magical.  We hung the framed portrait in my parent's NEW house before they came inside on moving day.-  They were not only surprised to see it, but very happy to have the portrait. They absolutely love the artwork Rebecca created.  It was the perfect gift. They talk about it all the time, and enjoy showing people their "old farmhouse" !    ~ Christine McAllen, a very satisfied customer.

"A wonderful experience..."

We lost our German Shepherd a year ago, and all we had were about a dozen photos of "Ricky". I was looking for a meaningful gift for my husband, and saw The Fine Line website.  What a wonderful experience - Rebecca was able to use the photos to create a beautiful portrait of "Ricky".  The portrait looks EXACTLY like our much missed family dog. She captured so much detail - even the gleam in his eye, and the unique markings and alert expression in his face.  It was our "Ricky".  My husband had tears in his eyes when he opened the wrapped portrait.  It  hangs in our living room and we absolutely love it.   ~ thrilled to have found your site! ~ J.L. Watson

I wanted to thank you for your artwork. Lisa opened the portrait of Luther and immediately started crying. She loved it. Luther’s portrait is now studying me from the piano. Thank you again!  ~ Bill R.

You had done a portrait of my dog, Greta, that had passed 3 years ago.  Would you be able to do the same for my 5 year old Chocolate Lab, Gracie, that just passed? She had heart failure and passed in her sleep this morning. ~ Meghan M.

Thank you for getting back to me so promptly, and thank you for your kind words.  You offer such a special service with your artwork for our beloved furry family members. ~ Meghan M.

We just opened the portrait of Max and were literally blown away by how perfect and detailed it is! You did such an amazing job on this. It literally looks like we are looking at him in person. Thank you so much. We will recommend you to others! ~ Trevor C.

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