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Rebecca Andrus, artist

...about me


I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil (or fat crayon).  At an early age, I would trace an animal from a magazine or book, then color it in with lots of detail and shading- always being neat and staying within the lines, of course - a kid-artist nerd for sure.

As I became older, and changed from crayons to Prismacolor colored pencils, I grew to love portraying realism with any subject, capturing the special details, feeling, and tone that make the subject unique.  I eventually came to specialize in animal portraits - namely people's pets.  I didn't plan it that way.  I sorta fell into it, as pet portraits always seem to be in demand.  Sometimes people buy the artwork for themselves, and sometimes they buy it to be given as a special gift to someone they know.

I work primarily from good, clear photographs.  With colored pencils (and a durable sharpener by my side) I am able to copy all the fine detail, and apply the right color and texture to achieve an accurate rendering.  There are no two German Shepherds alike, and no two black cats alike - each animal has it's own characteristics in regards to many things - markings and scars, fur texture and direction, coloring, feature shapes, stance, facial expression, and eye sparkle, etc.

Wait!  Besides portraits, I also create business logos, wall murals, signs, banners, etc.  Email me with questions about my other commissions.  If you have an idea - I can help bring it to life.

I graduated from Nazareth College with a B.S. in Studio Art, and have worked as an artist / illustrator for more than 40 years.  I currently live and work in upstate New York with my family. This area has always been home to me.  We make the most of each beautiful season in the Finger Lakes Region ...with an occasional trip to the S.C. Lowcountry, of course!

I take commissions regularly.  Please email me if you are interested in a commission / have questions, or use my Contact Me page.

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Finger Lakes NY Wall Murals
Rebecca Andrus Pet Portraits and Memorials
Rebecca Andrus Pet Portrait Artist Canandaigua NY

Fat Sam on the rocks

Wall Murals and Pet Memorials Canandaigua NY
Animal Portraits in Rochester NY area
Artwork of the Finger Lakes Region

sunrise in the S.C. lowcountry

 wooded trail

morning fog on Ladys Island

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