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Your sample Portraits are mostly dogs and cats.  Do you draw other animals?

Yes, I do draw other animals…..from birds to horses.  If you can provide a close-up, clear, original photo of the animal, I can draw it. Your photo must show detail and accurate  coloring as well as a good balance of light and shading, as well as the desired angle or pose of the pet.  The photo must not be copyrighted material. (Professional photographs are acceptable with signed release from photographer.)

I see the indicated paper size for Pet Portraits is 9×12.  Can the Portraits be drawn larger?

This is the most popular size for Pet Portraits, and can easily fit into a store-bought frame. However, the Portraits can be drawn larger. (Prices for larger sizes are given on request.)

How do I know which is better- Head Study, or Full Body?

Most of the time, it’s a matter of personal preference. However, if the photo does not show most of the pet’s body, it can be very difficult to draw the body. In this case, a Head Study - which can include neck area and part of chest- might work better.

Can I request TWO or THREE pets together in ONE Portrait?

Yes. Since this requires more time and study to render the details and characteristics of each pet’s face and body, the price increases $200 for each additional pet drawn in a Portrait, perhaps sitting or standing side-by-side. The size of the entire image as well as paper would be larger to accommodate more than one pet rendering.

For example, artwork for 1 pet in a Portrait - $200; for 2 pets in a Portrait- $400.  (These prices do not include framing.)


Can I request a background for my Pet Portrait?

Yes, a background can be drawn in at no additional charge. For example, with a colored-pencil Pet Portrait, I usually suggest putting a simple background of a few trees, grass, leaves, or rocks, etc. on the ground. This can be drawn lightly in pencil as not to take away from the Pet image.

Regarding House Portraits, how much of the landscaping is drawn in?

I can draw in as much, or as little as you would like. (e.g.- sometimes a Portrait might look better if a large tree in the foreground is left out or reduced.)  Also, if certain plants such as blooming perennials or annuals are not visible in the photo because it’s off season, they can easily be drawn in – as long as you provide a description of type, size, color, location, etc.

What size and type of photo is needed to have a Portrait done?

It can be any size, as long as the photo is clear, showing true color and detail, and with good light- outdoor light is best. (Subject should not be in a dark shadow.) Sometimes working from more than one photo is helpful. See my Photo Tips page for examples and more information.

Do you do other commissioned artwork?

Yes I do!  I have done antique boats, cars, people, landscapes. If you can provide a good, clear photograph of what you want drawn – I can do it for you.

Can you ship a Framed Portrait?

Yes, estimates for custom matting and/or framing (as well as an estimate for shipping a Framed Portrait) are given at customer’s request.

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