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Unbelievable Story of Animal Rescue - Coco's Journey

I have quite the journey! You ready? I am originally from Louisiana (that I know of). Somewhere about 2014, a kind man saw a pet carrier off the highway for a couple of days. On the 2nd day, he thought it had moved on its side – and he stopped. He wondered if perhaps there was an animal locked in it. And he was right. It was me. I was brought to the shelter where they determined I had been poisoned with anti-freeze AND I was pregnant! Fortunately, the poisoning wasn’t enough to kill me, but unfortunately it killed my kittens and they had to be removed. Also, I had extensive kidney damage – BUT with the right care it would be reversible over a few years. I was in a “5 day kill shelter”. If I wasn’t adopted, they, well would euthanize me. They gave me the name “Dorothy”. One day, a group of people from Brockport NY called Duffy’s Friends was in visiting the shelter. They are a non-profit organization up in NY that comes down to rescue small dogs and returns back to NY to have them adopted (because NY is BIG DOG land and the little doggies always find a home!). They passed my cage a few times and thought “hey I bet we can find a home for this beautiful kitty!”. Well, I rode back in a U-Haul with a LOAD of barking doggies. When I landed, I was micro chipped, examined etc at the vet and then fostered in Farmington NY until I could find my forever home. Here, they gave me the name “Lily”. Who adopted me? Wel a girl named Sandy wanted to get a rescue for her Dad – who had just previously lost his cat, Summertime. He wanted a cat with some Siamese in it – and that’s me! Sandy came to Farmington and saw that I wouldn’t let any of the other kitties there come downstairs from the 2nd floor. I am pretty bossy and prefer to be an only cat. Sandy also liked how I would paw at her ankles when I walked by – that’s my signal that I need a treat! She new her Dad would love this type of personality. She applied for me and was accepted. I became the pet of her Dad, John. I lived in an office where I could come in and out whenever I wanted. LOVED it there….I had lots of furniture and attention and an old bean mill where there were mice and I could chase them all day. As my owner aged, it was harder for him to care for me. I needed proper medicine and special food for my kidneys or I was going to die soon. He had a hard time pilling me twice a day (I told you I am bossy) and although I wasn’t in pain, I wasn’t getting better like the vet expected. Long story short, I moved in with Sandy! Lots of hunting ground outside and have a whole house now. John comes to see me as often as he can. I jump right on his lap and purr because I know it was because of him, I am still on this Earth AND in 2019 I got a clean bill of health! I my kidney disease was reversed and now only have to go to the vet once per year! Don’t let my pretty “blues” fool you….I am a tough kitty but at night I really like to be on laps and have someone to sleep with. I LOVE to lick you hand and nuzzle my wet little nose all over and then fall deep into sleep. Thanks for reading my story. I hope you like the beautiful picture of me! I look exactly like that! OH WAIT! Did I tell you John wanted to rename me? So, Sandy put my picture on Facebook asking what I should be named! There were LOTs of great names. She brought them all to her Dad (John) and he chose ... COCO! PS: If you are wondering if I still have a Louisiana accent, I do not.

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